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76718 essay

Level 3 Hamlet Essay Hi, I was wondering if someone can read over this essay and give me some feedback. It is my first attempt at a Shakespeare essay so I really would appreciate knowing how I can improve! Using detailed supporting evidence, discuss the extent to which vengeance is a central theme or motif in Hamlet.

Every main character, every main event is tied to this theme. It is also through vengeance that we discover the true character of Hamlet, as well as Fortinbras and Laertes, who like Hamlet were also desperated to seek vengeance for their dead fathers. The similarities and differences of these characters are portrayed through their actions towards seeking revenge.

In addition, this theme also helps us overcome the barrier of time as it explores the thoughts and beliefs of people in Elizabethan time. Upon meeting the ghost of 76718 essay father, Hamlet realises that unlike what everyone in Denmark has been 76718 essay, his father was murdered and not poisoned by a serpent.

However, this theme tells us that Hamlet does not act on his instinct, he is a thinker and not a fighter. Hamlet was unwilling to take this risk, which suggests that maybe he was a coward and not manly enough.

He himself even had about how manly he was when in one of this soliloquys asked "Am I a coward? At times, he thought too much and did too little. However there is no doubt that Hamlet is a passionate character. He did hate his uncle, in many of his soliloquys he portrayed him as the worst thing in the history of mankind who turned Denmark into an "unweeded garden.

His world was full of unanswered questions and at one point, it was suggested that maybe he would rather die than make this difficult choice, hence "to be or not to be. This emphasises to us the importance of this theme. The decesed king was obviously upset that his Queen has married his murderer and we question whether she knew about the murder but the ghost commands Hamlets to leave her to fate.

What he really wanted was for Claudius to suffer. More than once he verbally abused her and pointedly tells her that "would it were not so, you are my mother.

He wanted his mother to suffer, despite the fact that twice, the ghost told him to leave her alone. This shows us that vengeance between the characters in Hamlet is not as simple as what it seems at first glance actually occurs in varying depth.

In comparsion to Hamlet, Laetres and Fortinbras who also lost their fathers, seek vengeance ina different manner. He knew Hamlet killed his father and he want him to pay.

76718 essay

He was going to wound Hamlet with an poisoned and unbated rapier. He "dared dammnation" while Hamlet does not. Laertes, to an extent, would have realised that killing Hamlet might have led to his own death, if not he would have had to suffer anyway but this was not a problem for him.

Through vengeance, we understand Laertes to be a more masculine character. Thinking was often considered what women did. During the dual, Claudius poisoned the wine which he was going to offer Hamlet in case the plan failed but Gertrude drank it instead.

Hamlet saw that both his parents had been killed and he himself was already poisoned therefore he finally wounded Claudius with the poisoned rapier. Would he have killed Claudius without this incident which to a great extent was caused by desperation? Fortinbras, the Prince of Norway, who like Hamlet did not inherit the crown from his dead father, sought another approach to vengeance.

He looked for honour and set about risking his life to get back the land that his father lost. He showed us that he was also willing to take action although it did not involve direct murder for revenge.

This could be because Old Hamlet was already dead. The portrayl of vengeance through Fortinbras along with Laertes further suggests to us that Hamlet was unlike the typical young men of his time.

From thisi we understand that vengeance is the central theme to the play.MicroEconomic Subscribers only. The answer may locate at the end of this page. Related Essay. ECON A The economy is in short-run [ ] ECB Which of the following is consistent [ ] ECB The small city of Pleasantville is [ ] Economics An increase in an economy's productive [ ].

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