Abolish the bowl championship series essay

In the first eight seasons of the BCS contract, the championship game was rotated among the four bowls, with each bowl game hosting the national championship once every four years. Oklahoma played in the, and Fiesta Bowlthe national championship and Sugar Bowlthe and Orange Bowl both of which were national championshipsthe Rose Bowland the BCS National Championship Game.

Abolish the bowl championship series essay

The BCS is one of the most successful events in the history of college football, yet it is often misunderstood.

Abolish the bowl championship series essay

The BCS is a five-game showcase of college football. It is designed to ensure that the two top-rated teams in the country meet in the national championship game, and to create exciting and competitive matchups among eight other highly regarded teams in four other bowl games. For more on the background of the BCS, click here.

The same logic, however, would cause us to abandon the NCAA basketball tourney, because it ends with 64 of 65 teams losing their last game. The BCS deprives us of seeing great upsets play out on the biggest stage of all.
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It has been undeniably successful in achieving those goals. Thanks to the BCS, the top two teams have played each other 15 times in 15 years by BCS measurements and 12 times in the last 15 according to the AP poll -- including the last nine years in a row. Additionally, it has provided more access to the major bowls for all Division I Football Bowl Subdivision conferences, more television exposure, and more postseason revenue than ever before.

This site is a resource for college football fans, media and others interested in how the system works.

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Check here often for news about the BCS and the schools, conferences and bowls.In a Gallup Poll, 85% of the American public disapproved of the Bowl Championship series. This year, undefeated Cincinnati, TCU, and . November 17, AbstractDivision I football is the only college sport that does not have a playoff system to determine its national champion.

Instead, they utilize the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) to pair the top two teams in one national championsh. Persuasive Essays Persuasive Essay Topics. We should abolish the jury system and give sole power to judges.

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Biological weapons should not be allowed. Torture should be illegal. College football should replace the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) with a playoff system. BCS vs. Playoff System Essay Words 3 Pages With the annual debate revived by fans and sportswriters, the involvement of the federal government, and the financial benefit that bowl games offer schools, the issue of wheatear to replace the Bowl Championship Series with a playoff system continues to be one of the most discussed .

The Abolition of Antitrust such as those involving Microsoft and college football's use of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). Each essay in this book is very well structured and very enlightening; going into depth on issues that the best books on general economics that I've /5(6).

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