Badminton in a nutshell

Read more about sharing. All 32 World Cup countries have played their final games before they have to file their provisional squads, as an action-packed international break comes to an end. Hat-tricks, thrashings, tactical concerns, selection dilemmas - it's been a revealing week about some of the contenders for the trophy.

Badminton in a nutshell

All Posts Non-uniform day If you have to wear a uniform to school or work, you can approach whoever is in charge and ask to have a day where people can wear what they like. Each person who does this will pay a small fee that is contributed to your charity.

Sponsored Outfit You could find yourself getting a few laughs here. The idea is to let people choose what outfit you wear for a day — or any length of time.

For this privilege, they will pay a sponsorship fee, which is how you contribute to your charity of choice. Gift Aid This one is a UK specific fundraising idea. In a nutshell, Gift Aid gives a charity the right to claim back tax that is collected on their donation.

It makes sure that every penny of what you raise actually goes to the charity and is not taken away by the government. Taxi Service The idea of this is to raise money by friends and family paying you to give them a lift rather than a conventional taxi.

Perhaps they are going on a night out or to the airport. Most people will be happy to know they are helping out a good cause, whilst also getting something they would have paid for anyway. The downside, you will have to have a car and be able to drive.

Matched Giving This has brought in a lot of money for different charities. Basically, you fundraise a sum of money through another fundraising idea and you get a company to agree to match whatever sum you raise.

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This doubles the amount that you would have ended with. The company will get increased exposure as well as helping a great cause.

TheGivingMachine Using our site, every time you shop online you can generate a free donation for a cause of your choice. Want to know how it works?

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Click here Ready to sign up? Participants can create a blog and give weekly updates on the competition, including photos and any kitchen disasters or triumphs! There is quite a lot of choice — although this may come down to what you can do near you.

Badminton in a nutshell

Have a look online and start fundraising! Thanks go to Marc from The Fundraising Coach for contributing this idea!

Walkathon Walking, a great way to see a city, or the countryside — or even both! Get some friends to join, and all fundraise for your favourite cause. It would be a great way to bond while making a big difference to causes you care about.

Sell Your Skills The best part of this is that the work involved is varied. Just convince people to stay one extra hour, or to come in early and teach one special skill like cooking, baking, knitting, playing guitar, dancing, or whatever talent you can find at work. Colleagues who wish to learn can pay a nominal fee each week, and that is the amount that goes for charity.

Sponsored Bungee Jumping If you are adventurous and interested in bungee jumping, you should think about getting sponsored to bungee jump on a special occasion for your favourite charity. Since this is not something that people do every day, sponsorships will be easy to get. But make sure that you are adequately insured, and above all, safe.

Abseiling For those who would like to push themselves out of their comfort zone, consider abseiling. It is certainly not as dangerous as skydiving or paragliding, but will still make people weak at the knees.

Badminton in a nutshell

Abseiling is quite common as an adventure sport, and is a good fundraising idea. You can get your friends to sponsor you or try to get sponsorship from an adventure sports store or company. It is even part of some annual fetes. Worm charming is particularly enjoyed by teenagers and young adults.

A grassy area is divided into parts, on which each participant must bring out worms and collect them. The person with the maximum number of worms wins. Charge an entry fee. You can also create funds by selling jars and instruments for the game.

The prize can even be sponsored. Eco Fines This one you can do at work as well as at home.INUKLOCAL is a network of web sites providing free advertising for a business, club and organisation, which builds the INUKLOCAL directories.

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Older New Items found here. Welcome to the website of Brae High School, Brae, Shetland Isles. With a population of over , the village of Brae is centrally located in a network of villages in the north mainland of Shetland.

Luke Ronchi smashed 52 off 26 balls to set up Islamabad’s win. (Source: PSL Twitter) What a match it turned out to be in the end. It can’t be called the best of T20 cricket in terms of batting technique, although what Luke Ronchi and Sahibzada Farhan did in first half of the Islamabad United innings was the best you would find anywhere.

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