Business law topics to write about

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Business law topics to write about

Trading nations have entered into a series of treaties and organizations to promote free trade and end discriminatory or isolationist practices.

The WTO is the premier organization that negotiates and regulates agreements among nations. This article will take look at the processes that establish international business law and the general features of the law.

International Business Law Overview International business is a critical part of the world economy that shapes the fortunes of individuals and entire nations. This article provides an overview of the sources, content and consequences of the "International business law" that regulates business across borders.

The goal is to identify major themes, mechanisms and institutions that govern international business. International business law embraces many specific fields of practice that relate to a wide array of business transactions.

Each type of international commerce export and import of goods and services, foreign direct investment, joint ventures, research and development arrangements, franchising, sale and distribution arrangements and licensing of intellectual property has a distinct body of law.

To introduce the idea of international law it helps to start by contrasting it with domestic law. Domestic laws are law because a legislature has the power, under our political system, to pass legislation binding people within its jurisdiction.

Accordingly, a court has the authority to apply the law. The power to do so comes from the sovereignty of the nation. A sovereign has supreme and ultimate authority over affairs and individuals within its borders and does not have to answer to any higher authority.

Each nation is sovereign. On the other hand, international law involves an arrangement between sovereign nations.

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As a matter of theory, it may seem strange that law could operate on sovereigns, when neither sovereign state has to account to any higher power and can ultimately behave as they wish. Law that does not have to be followed is no law at all, some would argue. However, despite this theoretical problem, nations do, in practice, obey international law.

International law arises from the willingness of each nation to bind itself. A nation will do so because adherence to the law is in its best interest. Generally, nations have a self interest in promoting a systematic rule of law to foster predictability and stability in international affairs over the long term.

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While other nations and international bodies often lack the authority to compel compliance, if a nation decides to behave contrary to an international law, there still may be consequences.

The violating nation's image may be tarnished both at home and abroad, economic sanctions may be imposed; in short, the country could lose the benefit of reciprocal treatment from other nations. When violations do occur they are rarely flagrant and not usually tolerated silently by others.

Protest often breaks out due to perceived violations of international law. Violators themselves concede the authority and importance of the law by usually trying to explain their actions on legal grounds.

International law largely arises from three categories: General principles are fundamental understandings common to the world's great legal systems. When an advocate can show that almost every nation agrees on a principle, then that principle can be elevated to a binding rule of international law.

An example of a general principle would be the rule of good faith in international obligations.

business law topics to write about

Of course, the more abstract a principle is, the easier it would be to find consensus, but the less useful it would be in practice to resolve a specific problem. This paradox limits the practical use of general principles to situations where a party cannot find a more concrete alternative.

Customary international law arises from the persistent conduct of international actors including nations, international institutions and international business organizations.

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A court may consider a practice international law if the advocate can show that the practice has been followed generally and also has been accepted by those actors as law as opposed to courtesy or convenience.

Proving a customary international law is very difficult and requires extensive evidence. While courts may recognize international law based on the methods noted above, the bulk of international business law comes from written agreements between nations called treaties.1 Answer | Asked in Business Law and Immigration Law for California on Nov 9, Answered on Nov 12, Hector E.

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International business is a critical part of the world economy that shapes the fortunes of individuals and entire nations. This article provides an overview of the sources, content and. Law is such a vast subject that you find yourself in a real trouble when it comes to even selecting the law term paper topic.

There are many types of laws like criminal law, business law, company law, tort law, employment law, constitutional law, administrative law, and family law. Jan 17,  · what is a good topic to write a page paper relating to law, preferablly business-law related.

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business law topics to write about
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