Cis 207 business systems

University of Phoenix Material: Week One Worksheet Identify five different IT systems that have affected business in the past few years. For each system, briefly note the following:

Cis 207 business systems

Information systems professionals are on the front lines of enterprise technology, keeping business operations running smoothly, solving problems, and designing systems that meet business goals. Degree Sneak Peek The degree in computer information systems combines the study of: Databases and information systems Computer programming Management of information systems Bellevue University's in-class or online Computer Information Systems degree provides you with the technology skills and knowledge required in many industries.

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Foundational knowledge, coupled with technical skills in an emphasis area, will enable you to shape the degree to your own educational and career goals. Throughout your coursework, you will analyze problems and identify the appropriate information technology requirements for business objectives.

In addition, faculty with real-world experience will guide you through practical exercises in systems analysis and design and the implementation of information systems, processes, components, or software programs. You will hone your communication, project management, and teamwork skills as you Cis 207 business systems together on common goals.

Further strengthen your expertise with one of these emphasis options in the CIS degree program: Applications Development Cybersecurity Networking Integrating hands-on, applied learning with theory, all Bellevue University degrees are designed to deliver a transformative student learning experience that is flexible to accommodate your personal and work life.

Program Outcomes The online Computer Information Systems degree prepares you for a broad range of technology careers and provides a foundation to pursue graduate studies. See the Careers page for sample job titles and earning potential.

At completion of the degree, graduates will be able to perform the following: Analyze a problem to identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution. Design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs.

If you are pursuing a career in the Computer Information Systems market, the B. See the Curriculum page for more information on courses.

The program focuses on a analyzing technical problems to identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to their solution; b designing, implementing, evaluating and communicating a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs; c analyzing the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and society; and d demonstrating communication, teamwork, and project-based learning skills necessary to function effectively on teams to accomplish a common goal.

Curriculum Major Requirements 36 credit hours Click a course name below to view course details Core 27 credit hours MA Applied Statistics 3 Credits This course provides the theoretical basis and problem-solving experience needed to apply the techniques of descriptive and inferential statistics, to analyze quantitative data and to improve decision making over a wide range of areas.

Topics covered include descriptive statistics, linear regression, data gathering methodologies and probability, as well as confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for one and two samples.

Use of StatCrunch in solving and interpreting statistical problems is emphasized. How programs and programming languages work, and the purposes and practices of structured programming are discussed.

CIS Management and Design of Database Systems 3 Credits The major focus of the course will be the relational model with a brief discussion of the hierarchical and network models.

Database design using E-R Diagrams will be presented. Relational terminology and the theoretical concepts of the model, such as normalization, will be discussed.

Students will prepare a small application using a commercial relational database management system. CIS Information Systems 3 Credits This course provides a foundation for the managerial considerations of acquiring and operating information systems.

Students are introduced to existing and emerging information systems and their impact on competitive advantage, reengineering business processes, and decision making. CIS Structured System Analysis and Design 3 Credits A project-based course which focuses on the use of tools and methodologies applied to structured system analysis and design.

Emphasis is placed on traditional approaches including enterprise analysis, workflow analysis, data flow analysis, affinity diagram construction and use, system flowcharting and entity relationship diagramming.

Cis 207 business systems

Students will complete a feasibility analysis, risk analysis, design specifications and a project implementation plan for a simulated business system. CIS A Business Telecommunications 3 Credits This course will explore the fundamental technical principles of telecommunications and computer networks with an examination of the business challenges of managing communications resources.

CIS Information Security 3 Credits This course is designed to provide an introduction to current trends in information security.

Students will be introduced to sources of threats and vulnerabilities as well as methods for optimizing system security. Legal issues associated with information security will be examined, as well as how those issues are addressed within the context of an organization.

Cis 207 business systems

Students develop formal project plans based on actual problems. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge areas of project management. Team-based and discovery-based learning methods are stressed.

This course provides the IT professional with an understanding of the dynamic, increasingly globalized and technology intensive business environment. Beyond the Core courses, choose one Emphasis 9 credits OR choose three electives courses 9 credits.

Emphasis Options 9 credits each: Application Development Emphasis Choose three courses from those listed below: Students will be immersed in language syntax and the interactive PC environment. Emphasis will be on solving problems by deriving and implementing appropriate algorithms using object-oriented concepts.

Students will accomplish a programming project that will apply the concepts covered in the course.BIS WEEK 1 Overview of Information Systems Table.

CIS The Impact of Mobile and Cloud Technology On Business.

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CIS WEEK 2 Individual Information Use Paper. CIS WEEK 2 Learning Team New System Proposal. CIS WEEK 3 Individual Web or Mobile System Paper. CIS WEEK 5 Learning Team New System Proposal Presentation. Finalize work on the Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation, updating it with new information based on all previous feedback.

Include 10 to 12 slides with speaker notes. The computer information systems (CIS) concentration provides you with broad knowledge of computer information systems along with the skills you need for effective decision making in a business environment that is diverse, global, and highly competitive.

A Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from Delta State University is a well respected degree nationwide.

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CIS Week 1 Individual Effect of Systems on Business. 0 items. Go to the store page. Tweet. Description; CIS Week 1 Individual Effect of Systems on Business.

Complete the following lessons in SkillSoft?: Microsoft Windows 8 – Configuring: Getting Started with Windows 8.

UOPCIS CIS/ CIS Week 3 Individual Assignment Web or Mobile System Paper