Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional essay

Index survives until the s. Portuguese Crown gives official approval to begin shipping African slaves to Brazil.

Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional essay

But the scientific theories presented here are old and long discredited. And no attempt is made to explain why each speaker seems to contradict the next.

Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional essay

In truth, several members of the mostly elderly audience seem to doze off while the temperature graphs are projected. They come to life only when the rock stars of the movement take the stage—not the C-team scientists but the A-team ideological warriors like Morano and Horner.

This is the true purpose of the gathering: And the strategy appears to be working. Obama at the Copenhagen summit: Abrupt shifts, when they come, are usually precipitated by dramatic events. Which is why pollsters are so surprised by what has happened to perceptions about climate change over a span of just four years.

A Harris poll found that 71 percent of Americans believed that the continued burning of fossil fuels would cause the climate to change. By the figure had dropped to 51 percent. In June the number of Americans who agreed was down to 44 percent—well under half the population.

As recently as the year Newt Gingrich did a climate change TV spot with Nancy Pelosi the issue still had a veneer of bipartisan support in the United States. Those days are decidedly over. Today, 70—75 percent of self-identified Democrats and liberals believe humans are changing the climate—a level that has remained stable or risen slightly over the past decade.

In sharp contrast, Republicans, particularly Tea Party members, have overwhelmingly chosen to reject the scientific consensus. In some regions, only about 20 percent of self-identified Republicans accept the science.

Equally significant has been a shift in emotional intensity. Climate change used to be something most everyone said they cared about—just not all that much. When Americans were asked to rank their political concerns in order of priority, climate change would reliably come in last.

For these right-wingers, opposition to climate change has become as central to their worldview as low taxes, gun ownership and opposition to abortion. Many climate scientists report receiving death threats, as do authors of articles on subjects as seemingly innocuous as energy conservation.

The effects of this emotional intensity have been on full display in the race to lead the Republican Party. But the effects of the right-wing climate conspiracies reach far beyond the Republican Party.

The Democrats have mostly gone mute on the subject, not wanting to alienate independents.

Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional essay

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