Effective bullet writing air force

When the constitution was written, that was the style of penmanship for the times. Language changesas is evident by our ever growing Websters Dictionary.

Effective bullet writing air force

Writing Strong Bullets Most of the time, we don't need help identifying our accomplishments. We know what we do. The trouble is how to make those bullet statements sound good! It's the impact portion of the EPR Bullet, the positive result of an accomplishment, that give us the most frustration.

How do you make "delivered over 10 tons of mail to base facilities" stand out as a superior accomplishment? That is the challenge. The first step in developing strong bullet statements is to think positive!

Everybody has their good days and their bad days.

effective bullet writing air force

If you don't believe you can be promoted, you almost certainly won't be! You can be promoted! You will be promoted! I don't think anyone would deny that they'll be promoted eventually.

Why can't that sometime be now? Positive thinking has more effect on your life than most people think. There is not room enough here to thoroughly discuss this vitally important topic but I recommend these old classics, See You at the Top and The Magic of Thinking Big, as required reading.

The job description must describe your most important duties or the EPR will lack impact from the very start. Accomplishments will be listed later in the body of the EPR.

Writing Bullets : AirForce

Fit in as much as you can beginning with the most important information. If you supervise troops or perform any supervisory oversight, list those duties first. If the information in this block was prepared by someone else and is not accurate, you can and should change it.

If possible, to make the EPR progressive, try to make the duties described reflect more responsibility and a higher stature than your last EPR. To be effective, EPRs should show growth.

They should chronicle the development of a leader and manager. This EPR should indicate more responsibility and a higher position than the last. Even if you aren't the highest ranking or in charge of your section, the duty title should somehow indicate progression toward more responsibility.

The purpose of listing achievements is to have an official record of your performance and to justify the rating earned. So it's important first, to have an impressive list of accomplishments and second, to write them in a way that ensures their importance is recognized.

And that depends heavily on your performance during the year. When the EPR is due, you can't change the past year's performance but you can turn whatever performance you do have into the best EPR possible.

It is possible to write an EPR in such a way that it will be difficult for your supervisor to grade your performance as anything less than an overall 5. All it takes is a little time and effort. List the achievements during the reporting period. The most effective way to come up with material for your EPR is to brainstorm first.

List all the ratee's accomplishments on a separate sheet of paper. Write down everything that might be considered an accomplishment. Nothing is too small or off-limits.

effective bullet writing air force

Deployments, additional duties, training, education, new qualifications, volunteer work, community involvement, awards and decorations, etc.

One of the most common obstacles for first-time EPR writers is modesty. Most of us don't want to appear as if we're bragging or worse -lying about our performance and that's understandable.The required format for entries in the Air Force EPR is the "bullet statement" format.

Bullet statement format is merely the use of short sentence fragments to describe something. The goal is communicating the fact as briefly as possible and normal sentence structure requirements, such as conjunctions and punctuation, are not required. Air Force Core Values. Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.

Acknowledgement. The Tongue and Quill has been a valued Air Force resource for decades and many Airmen from our Total Force of uniformed and civilian members have contributed their talents to various. Quick and efficient words to effective writing. Welcome to the first open Public Bullet Database focusing on Enlisted Performance Reports (EPR), Officer Performance Reports (OPR) and Air Force awards.

HQ USAF/SG OPR/EPR GUIDE Attachment 3. xx TABLE OF CONTENTS As supervisors of Air Force personnel, one of our most important jobs is ensuring we accurately document the performance of our people in the written word.

Since Air Force members The . Effective Writing Manual for Air Force Public Affairs Professionals (26 Oct 05 How to Write an Effective Bullet: Writing Guide (2 Feb 99) Produced by 4th Fighter Wing - Simple to the point writing guide Joint Writing Guides.

The Joint Guides are also co-mingled though out the rest of this page. Condolence Letter Guidelines: Good Guide. OPR/EPR writing methods proven competitive in today’s Air Force environment.

A well-written Officer Performance Report (OPR) or Enlisted Performance Report (EPR) is composed of a number of critical parts, and should paint a quantitative and qualitative picture assessing the ratee’s performance.

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