Good qualities of a neighbor

Master these seven techniques, and even you yes, you! If cookies can keep Santa returning year after year with a bag full of loot, then surely they can train your neighbors to do your bidding. Consider the following scenario.

Good qualities of a neighbor

What makes Good Neighbors? You cannot pick someone that you know, or anyone with any specific kind of physical traits, educational level or occupation. You can, however, prescribe their personality using whatever descriptive terms that sound good to you. All right, now take a few seconds and think about what specific qualities you would like for your new neighbors to have.

We both would want neighbors who were first and foremost honest. It would also be nice if they were conscientious of our borders. This includes those that are clearly marked by fences and property-lines as well as those that are simply implied by common sense and decency.

And of course there are at least half-dozen more specific things that we could list but by now you probably get the idea that we both would want neighbors who are pretty much trustworthy, helpful and respectful.

In fact, you probably noticed that we used character traits to describe them. In fact, it seems that good character makes better neighbors than a fence any day of the week. I bet that we can extend the above exercise to every single key role in society at large and still come out with the same basic results every time.

Good qualities of a neighbor

What kinds of police officers do you want protecting the streets of your neighborhood? What kind of person would be the ideal teacher for our school children?

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What kind of people do we want our civil servants and elected officials to be? Again the basic list would probably look the same. Just ask any business owner what kind of employee that they most desire to help manage their business. Or ask the wage earner what type of financial manager they want watching over their hard-earned retirement nest egg.

What about the guy going in for by-pass surgery? You can bet that he wants his surgeon to be an individual with a very high degree of moral and ethical character. You can even reverse these roles and the results would still be the same. The good neighbor test demonstrates that the same basic characteristics that make for good neighbors also make for good teachers, policemen, managers, employees—in essence good people.

And these same results really do extend to all roles in our society from top to bottom—from the President of the United States down to the kindergartner on their first day of school.

Furthermore, it also shows that we as individuals prefer to associate with, surround ourselves and do business with people who possess good neighbor qualities i. Society NEEDS people who are at their core trust-worthy, hardworking and who possess a high degree of self-control to be its leaders, role-models, teachers and innovators.

Frankly, we need a society made up of individuals who have the knowledge and skills required to solve social and interpersonal problems. Unfortunately, good neighbor skills are becoming increasingly rare. In other words, most people feel that security is much more than burglar alarms or a few bars over windows.

To them REAL security is just as much about surrounding themselves with good people as it is about keeping bad people out. This basic need for us to feel safe and secure gives the good neighbor test its strength. Unless we want to move off and run naked in the jungles of Borneo living off of bugs and coconut milk then we are going to have to interact with and live next to people.+ Character Qualities.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Being answerable to God and at least one other person for my behavior. ALERTNESS: Being keenly aware of the events taking place around me so that I can have the right responses to them. AMENDS (Repentance): Humbly acknowledging how you have fallen short of God's standard and seeking His .

First of all, a good neighbor should be a responsible person, mindful of other’s right, which includes privacy, peace and security.

A good neighbor must therefore avoid unnecessary intrusions into his or her neighbor’s personal matters. 5 Qualities of a Good Neighbor. One of the most important aspects of a nice living environment is the neighborhood itself.

Home buyers can investigate the local schools, parks, and restaurants, but it’s harder to know if they have good neighbors or not until they are actually living in the home.

Posted on June 21, by Cherilynn. Good Neighbor Days will take place this weekend in Howard Lake and it started me thinking what exactly is a good neighbor? All neighborhoods are not the same, and neighbors aren’t what they used to be.

However, having good neighbors and being a good neighbor can be achieved no matter where you live. As the premier Brea realtor, I would like to share these qualities of a good neighbor and how you can help to make your neighborhood a better place.

Six Characteristics of Good Neighbors; Six Characteristics of Good Neighbors. in Neighbors on August 19, by Rachael Weiner. When it comes to apartment living, you’ll soon discover the tell-tale signs of good neighbors.

Good qualities of a neighbor

Ironically, those signs will likely come forth after dealing with your share of bad neighbors. If a good neighbor.

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