Hubspot case analisys

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Hubspot case analisys

And though PHP is widely agreed to be piece of shit it seems: I don't work with PHP so I'm here only relaying this popular sentimentthat doesn't tarnish the idea by association which is what I sense you might be trying to do. Yet, people write big applications and everything is cool.

Another example is that every darned non-static file-scope identifier in the Linux kernel that isn't in a module is in the same global namespace. Namespaces are uglifying and an idiotic solution in search of a problem.

They amount to run-time cutting and pasting one of the things which the article author is against. Because if you have some foo. So effectively the language is gluing together "foo. The result is that when you see "baz" in the code, you don't know which "baz" in what namespace that is.

Hubspot case analisys

Then I can put the cursor on it and get a man page in one keystroke. Keep the prefixes short and sweet and everything is cool. I believed the spiel about it providing isolation for large scale projects.

I don't believe it that much any more, because projects in un-namespaced C have gotten a lot larger since then, and the sky did not fall. Scoping is the real solution. Keep the component-private identifiers completely private. For instance, if you're making shared libs, don't export any non-API symbols for dynamic linking at all.

Expose only API's with a well-considered naming scheme that is unlikely to clash with anything. I'm talking about the heart of PHP which is stream processing.

Before "namespace" and "use", the idea was that all of the files included together can be treated as one large file, and sadly that conceptual simplicity has been lost. Also the lost opportunity of having objects be associative arrays like Javascript, combined with namespacing, have convinced me that perhaps PHP should be forked to a language more in-line with its roots.

I haven't tried Hack or PHP7 yet but I am apprehensive that they probably make things worse in their own ways.

1) Hootsuite

Which is why it's still my favorite language, even though the curators have been asleep at the wheel at the most basic levels. If you want to use a stdlib function inside an NS, you can without issue.

If you want to use a stdlib class, or any top level class, it needs backslash before its name or you need to import it. This is useful and we are seeing lots of progress on internals thanks to the work by the community. Like a lot of things, PHP name spaces are or were a big mess. Lots of progress is being made to improve though I think a lot must remain.

I've thought about creating a project that packages up various categories in the stdlib into namespaces with consistent inputs and outputs. That would be nice but the process isn't a lot of fun.

Explicit is better then implicit.

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Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated. Flat is better than nested. Sparse is better than dense. Special cases are not special enough to break the rules.

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4) Buzzsumo.

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Buzzsumo is a great tool for content research, but it also has an excellent way to analyze and monitor your Facebook pages. Along with metrics around each individual post, more interestingly is the ability to see what content performs best.

Buzzsumo will tell you what day is the best to post, how long your posts should be, what types of content works best, and monthly stats over time.

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Hubspot case analisys

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