The help a teacher can provide for students

It would be an easy job if all they had to do was teach the subject matter and go home. But their jobs are far greater.

The help a teacher can provide for students

According to the U. ESL students can and will be successful given that all teachers provide the necessary platform and ongoing continuum of support.

This support must come from both an ESL pedagogical view, as well as, an emotional, social, and developmental lens. ESL Tips and Strategies The 10 tips and strategies below are intended to help mainstream teachers meet the needs of our wonderful, diverse population.

The first five tips focus on social, developmental and emotional needs, while the last 5 focus on ESL pedagogy, methods and strategies. Using these tips together will provide a balanced approach, as they are both integral to English acquisition.

All teachers should take a moment to self-reflect about their own understandings and questions in regard to cultural differences. Take the time to learn about different cultures, gestures, and traditions and celebrate these differences with all of the students in the classroom.

Encourage all students to share their culture with classmates. Be aware that ESL students will be in culture shock and feel highly alienated for some time. Garner patience and understand that it will take time for ESL students to talk, as a silent period is highly expected.

Smile and show support to your best ability. Provide A Comfort Zone: Assign a friendly and welcoming buddy to assist with common school locations, requirements and routines.

If possible, keep an extra eye out during busy transition times to assure the student gets to the correct location.

Spotlight Respect For All Cultures: Encourage everyone to openly talk about their personal cultures, traditions and languages. Have parties celebrating the different cultures in the class, sharing music, historical family photos, dances, games, food and traditions.

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Hold discussions about the history of America, immigration, and the value of diversity and differences.

Encourage students to share their own stories of immigration, passed down from generation to generation. Invite parents to all school community functions to encourage and foster a sense of belonging. Assess ESL students on an informal basis when they first arrive to class, and ongoing during the school year.

It is imperative to primarily check for understanding in regard to basic and social needs. Continuously check for comprehension and growth informally, make notes and never be afraid to raise the bar and challenge a bit. With all good intentions, this is a common mistake teachers can make.

ESL students who have a stronger foundation of their native language will have a shorter route to acquiring English.

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Provide free time for the ESL student to read and write in their native language.They supply five ways for teachers to use technology to help students in the future. Five Ways Teachers Can Use Technology to Help Students. Help students by providing a model of how to use sounds, structures, and vocabulary correctly in English.

In the case of a pronunciation difficulty such as the Somali example above, teachers can demonstrate how the mouth forms the sounds.

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Provide students and parents with a guide with basic information on nearby libraries’ locations, policies, and hours, as many students may not be aware of the community centers in . Teacher-empowering technologies include mobile apps that grade written student work and provide lesson plan databases.

School systems need to aggressively track what works for their teachers and.

The help a teacher can provide for students

Scroll To Top Four Ways Teachers Can Show They Care Research suggests caring relationships with teachers help students do better in school and act more kindly toward others. Research shows that when administrators use tactics to increase teacher empowerment, teacher morale also increases.

Gardner-Webb University Graduate students detail how administrators can empower their teachers. The classroom teacher will try new approaches to instruction, provide more assistance to their students, and be more .

The help a teacher can provide for students
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