The lost honor killing for false honor criminology essay

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The lost honor killing for false honor criminology essay

Some writers appear to suggest that there is a link between the rise in the number of these killings and the British state education system.

The London School of Islamics claimed last week that the year-old Muslim girl murdered by her father in an "honour killing" was really the victim of British state education.

This paper will begin with an explanation of fundamentalism and the meaning and origins of honour killings. It will then describe the historic context of state education, the emergence of voluntary aided schools, and the conflict over Muslim schools.

Finally the paper will go on to discuss the relationship between education, Islamic fundamentalism, attitudes to women, and honour killings. Honour Killings The nature of fundamentalism is a complex issue and cannot be separated from the social and economic context in which it arises.

The lost honor killing for false honor criminology essay

Bruce has argued that although fundamentalism originally referred to resurgent religion and a return to traditional teaching, in recent times it is more likely to be expressed as a form of struggle against western attitudes.

Certainly the fundamentalism that has appeared over the last ten years or so has been anti-western and very oppressive of women. Although this happens across religious traditions by far the highest number of victims are Islamic.

Indoctrination Displaces Education - Part Two

Islam does not condone the killing of one person by another. In Islam women are viewed as the carriers of family honour. If a woman is seen to be acting in a sexually permissive way or if she commits adultery, or in some quarters, if she is raped, then this is seen as a blot on the family honour.

The Muslim Council of Great Britain, in a paper on honour killings says that they are not, however, about morality, or about the virtue of women. Rather these killings are about power and domination where women are seen as nothing more than chattels and may therefore be disposed of if they step out of line.

Many of these women are killed simply because a family member suspects they have done something.

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Such suspicion, if it becomes common knowledge is a blot on the family honour. Men who commit honour killings, particularly in the Middle East, either receive vastly reduced sentences or go unpunished.

It is simply women who bear the brunt of punishment for suspected immoral behaviour. Men, even rapists, usually get away with it. Many Islamic leaders denounce the practice that actually stems from pre-Islamic tribal times when such punishments were used to control and maintain power over the tribe.

The practice has received widespread condemnation within the British press with both Islamic leaders and the police calling for greater education on these matters. In some cases the British education system has been blamed for the rising number of honour killings in this country.

The Emergence of British State Education and the Voluntary Aided and Controlled Schools Education and religion have a long history in Britain where since the middle ages education was undertaken along denominational lines. Education was seen as an important element in social reform and was generally provided by different faith groups.

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Discuss the relationship between (Religious) education, and Islamic fundamentalism, with specific reference to Honour killings. Since a Muslim father murdered his sixteen year old daughter in because she had a Christian boyfriend there has been increased concern over the number of ‘honour killings’ that are taking place in Britain.

Some writers appear to suggest that there is a link between the .

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The Lost Honor Killing For False Honor Criminology Essay An honor killing is the homicide of a member of a family or social group by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim .

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