The political reformers in india

Social Reformers Social Reformers Decades come and go but what remain are the impression and great acts of the social reformers. They managed to bring revolutions by making radical changes in the society.

The political reformers in india

He had three brothers: The marriage, however, was not a happy one. According to Dabir, this was the main cause of misunderstanding between Alauddin and his first wife. In response, Alauddin assaulted her. The incident was reported to Jalaluddin, but the Sultan did not take any action against Alauddin.

According to the 16th-century historian Firishtashe warned Jalaluddin that Alauddin was planning to set up an independent kingdom in a remote part of the country. As a result, Jalaluddin appointed him as the new governor of Kara in Inhe raided Bhilsaa wealthy town in the Paramara kingdom of Malwawhich had been weakened by multiple invasions.

He left Devagiri with a huge amount of wealth, including precious metals, jewels, silk products, elephants, horses, and slaves. However, Alauddin marched directly to Kara with all the wealth. He returned to Delhi, believing that Alauddin would carry the wealth from Kara to Delhi.

He requested a letter of pardon signed by the Sultan, which the Sultan immediately despatched through messengers.

The political reformers in india

However, Alauddin detained them, and prevented them from communicating with the Sultan. A gullible Jalaluddin set out for Kara with his army.

After reaching close to Kara, he directed Ahmad Chap to take his main army to Kara by the land route, while he himself decided to cross the Ganges river with a smaller body of around 1, soldiers.

On 20 JulyAlauddin killed Jalaluddin after pretending to greet the Sultan, and declared himself the new king. Meanwhile, the head of Jalaluddin was paraded on a spear in his camp before being sent to Awadh. He promoted the existing Amirs to the rank of Maliksand appointed his close friends as the new Amirs.

But Alauddin made preparations for a march to Delhi, and ordered his officers to recruit as many soldiers as possible, without fitness tests or background checks.

A large number of people, from both military and non-military backgrounds, joined him. By the time he reached Badaun, he had a 56,strong cavalry and a 60,strong infantry.

Alauddin gave each of them 30 to 50 manns of gold, and each of their soldiers silver tankas hammered coins. This irked Arkali Khan, her elder son and the governor of Multan. However, Arkali refused to come to her aid. When he reached SiriRuknuddin led an army against him. Alauddin then entered the city, where a number of nobles and officials accepted his authority.

On 21 OctoberAlauddin was formally proclaimed as the Sultan in Delhi. In the Punjab regionhis authority was limited to the areas east of the Ravi river.

The region beyond Lahore suffered from Mongol raids and Khokhar rebellions. All their property, including the money earlier given to them by Alauddin, was confiscated. As a result of these confiscations, Nusrat Khan obtained a huge amount of cash for the royal treasury.

Alauddin appointed Ala-ul Mulk as the kotwal of Delhi, and placed all the non-Turkic municipal employees under his charge. According to Amir Khusrow20, Mongols were killed in the battle, and many more were killed in Delhi after being brought there as prisoners.

Although Zafar Khan managed to inflict heavy casualties on the invaders, he and other soldiers in his unit were killed in the battle. After Nusrat Khan was killed during the siege, Alauddin personally took charge of the siege operations, and conquered the fort in July Meanwhile, he himself led another army to conquer Chittorthe capital of the Guhila kingdom ruled by Ratnasimha.

The Mongols engaged his forces in some minor conflicts, but neither army achieved a decisive victory.

Indian Social Reformers, Famous Social Reformers of India

The invaders ransacked Delhi and its neighbourhoods, but ultimately decided to retreat after being unable to breach Siri.India is a nation truly blessed and privileged to be the mother land of great many souls, who fought till death to bring about social justice in the country.

India has seen many social reformers. Bardhan, P.: Political Economy of Reform In India. New Delhi. National Council of Applied Economic Research, 81 47 5 --( B23P E).

Gandhi was an admired social and political reformer worldwide; Gandhi was an admired social and political reformer worldwide. Words 3 Pages. Mahatma Gandhi was many things. He was a son, a husband, a lawyer, but he was admired worldwide as a great social reformer, political leader, and thinker.

Social Reformers of India Words | reformers in southern india by nandini maharaj ABOUT ME BA (Hons.) in History from Lady Shri Ram MA in Applied Human Rights from Sheffield Hallam University Love to teach, read and dance REFORMERS IN SOUTHERN INDIA 1.

[PDF]Free Emerging India Economics Politics And Reforms download Book Emerging India Economics Politics And India - . The Religious and Social Reform of India – The Indian Renaissance! The urgent need for social and religious reform that began to manifest itself from the early decades of the 19th century arose in response to the contact with Western culture and education.

ADVERTISEMENTS: The weakness and decay of Indian society was evident to educated [ ].

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