The veteran by stephen crane

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The veteran by stephen crane

Out of the low window could be seen three hickory trees placed irregularly in a meadow that was resplendent in spring-time green. Farther away, the old, dismal belfry of the village church loomed over the pines. A horse, meditating in the shade of one of the hickories, lazily swished his tail.

The warm sunshine made an oblong of vivid yellow on the floor of the grocery. Fleming," said the grocer--his deferential voice expressed somehow the old man's exact social weight--"Mr.

Fleming, you never was frightened much in them battles, was you? Observing his manner, the entire group tittered. Why, in my first battle I thought the sky was falling down.

I thought the world was coming to an end. You bet I was scared. Perhaps it seemed strange and rather wonderful to them that a man should admit the thing, and in the tone of their laughter there was probably more admiration than if old Fleming had declared that he had always been a lion.

The veteran by stephen crane

Moreover, they knew that he had ranked as an orderly sergeant, and so their opinion of his heroism was fixed. None, to be sure, knew how an orderly sergeant ranked, but then it was understood to be somewhere just shy of a major-general's stars.

So, when old Henry admitted that he had been frightened, there was a laugh. Yes, sir, I thought every man in the other army was aiming at me in particular, and only me. And it seemed so darned unreasonable, you know. I wanted to explain to 'em what an almighty good fellow I was, because I thought then they might quit all trying to hit me.

But I couldn't explain, and they kept on being unreasonable--blim! Evidently he appreciated some comedy in this recital.

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Down near his feet, however, little Jim, his grandson, was visibly horror-stricken. His hands were clasped nervously, and his eyes were wide with astonishment at this terrible scandal, his most magnificent grandfather telling such a thing. Of course, afterward I got kind of used to it.

Lots of men, though, seem to feel all right from the start. I did, as soon as I 'got on to it,' as they say now; but at first I was pretty well flustered.

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Now, there was young Jim Conklin, old Si Conklin's son--that used to keep the tannery--you none of you recollect him--well, he went into it from the start just as if he was born to it. But with me it was different.

I had to get used to it. But upon this day he walked soberly, with his hand gripping two of his grandfather's fingers.

The veteran by stephen crane

Sometimes he kicked abstractedly at dandelions that curved over the walk. Any one could see that he was much troubled.

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He continued his reflections. Then finally he ventured: It was my first fight, and there was an awful lot of noise, you know. His stout boyish idealism was injured. Presently the grandfather said: Don't you wish you owned Sickles's colt, Jimmie? One of the hired men, a Swede, desired to drive to the county seat for purposes of his own.

The old man loaned a horse and an unwashed buggy. It appeared later that one of the purposes of the Swede was to get drunk. After quelling some boisterous frolic of the farm hands and boys in the garret, the old man had that night gone peacefully to sleep, when he was aroused by clamouring at the kitchen door.The murder of Bob Crane occurred on a hot June night in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Crane was bludgeoned to death as he slept The year was and Crane’s career was on the decent after scandal and two failed marriages. Stephen Crane was an American novelist, poet and journalist, best known for the novel Red Badge of Courage. That work introduced the reading world to Crane's striking prose, a mix of impressionism, naturalism and symbolism.

He died at age 28 in Badenweiler, Baden, Germany/5. is the leading provider of online obituaries for the newspaper industry. enhances online obituaries with Guest Books, funeral home information, and .

The Red Badge of Courage [Stephen Crane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Following its initial appearance in serial form, Stephen Crane s The Red Badge of Courage was published as a complete work in and quickly became the benchmark for modern anti-war literature.

Although the exact battle is never identified. "Men at War" edited by Ernest Hemingway is an imposing anthology (over pages and over 80 stories) of men in battle conditions.

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