Toxicology of propoxur

My research involves several aspects of carcinogenesis, with an emphasis on urinary bladder as a model system in rodents and extrapolation between rodent models and human diseases. We have postulated that agents increase cancer risk by either directly interacting with DNA or increasing cell proliferation in appropriate target cells, allowing for more opportunity for spontaneous mutations to occur during DNA replication. Genotoxic chemicals, such as aromatic amines, nitrofurans, and nitrosamines require metabolic activation, DNA adduct formation, and mutagenesis.

Toxicology of propoxur

An evaluation of available scientific information found that under the revised conditions of Toxicology of propoxur, some uses of products containing propoxur have value and do not present unacceptable risks to human health or to the environment.

Toxicology of propoxur

These uses include indoor crack and crevice applications of Commercial class products in commercial areas and outdoor uses of Domestic and Commercial class products, as well as bait trays. As a condition of continued registration of these uses, new risk-reduction measures are to be implemented.

Certain uses of propoxur are to be phased out because either registrants do not support continued registration or a human health risk of concern has been identified. The regulatory approach regarding the re-evaluation of propoxur was first presented in Proposed Re-evaluation Decision PRVD, Propoxura consultation document.

Footnote 1 This Re-evaluation Decision Document Footnote 2 describes this stage of the PMRA's regulatory process concerning the re-evaluation of propoxur and summarizes the Agency's decision, the reasons for it and, in Appendix I, a summary of comments received during the consultation process and the PMRA's response to these comments.

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Additional data was received during the consultation process and some assessments were revised as a result. This decision is consistent with the proposed re-evaluation decision stated in PRVD To comply with this decision, registrants of propoxur products will be informed of the specific requirements affecting their product registration s and of the regulatory options available to them.

For more details on the information presented in this Re-evaluation Decision, please refer to the related Science Evaluation section of the previously published consultation document on propoxur PRVD The key objective of the Pest Control Products Act is to prevent unacceptable risks to people and the environment from the use of pest control products.

Health or environmental risk is considered acceptable if there is reasonable certainty that no harm to human health, future generations or the environment will result from use or exposure to the pesticide under its conditions or proposed conditions of registration.

Toxicology of propoxur

Footnote 3 The Pest Control Products Act also requires that products have value Footnote 4 when used according to the label directions. Conditions of registration may include special precautionary measures on the product label to further reduce risk.

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To reach its decisions, the PMRA applies risk assessment methods as well as policies that are rigorous and modern. These methods consider the unique characteristics of sensitive subpopulations in both humans for example, children and organisms in the environment for example, those most sensitive to environmental contaminants.

These methods and policies also consider the nature of the effects observed and the uncertainties present when predicting the impact of pesticides. For more information on how the PMRA regulates pesticides, the assessment process and risk-reduction programs, please visit the Pesticides and Pest Management section of the Health Canada's website at www.

Propoxur is a non-systemic carbamate insecticide that is currently registered for use to control a broad range of insect and arthropod pests on a wide variety of sites including: The currently registered labels indicate that propoxur is applied by both ground and aerial means, using mist blowers, foggers and ultra-low volume application equipment to control mosquitoes and other biting flies.

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Cats and dogs are treated using slow release pet collars. Propoxur is also applied to other sites using pressurized spray cans, hand held and backpack sprayers, and paste applicators by professional applicators and casual users such as home owners.

In a 3 mo dermal toxicity study, rabbits were treated with Propoxur at levels up to and including the limit dose (1, mg/kg) for 6 hr/day, 5 days/wk. There were . This work examined the sequential development of some clinical, biochemical, haematological and pathological lesions in young Nubian goats given single oral doses of two carbamate insecticides, bendiocarb and propoxur, alone and in combination. WITH PROPOXUR CRACK AND CREVICE INJECTION USE ONLY 15% VOC Formulation Provides Rapid Kill of listed Industrial Pests Quick Knockdown KILLS: Cockroaches, Waterbugs, Spiders (excluding toxicology of the material can be obtained by contacting the manufacturer. Chemical CAS/Category Percent.

With the exception of bait trays, additional risk-reduction measures are required for propoxur.Propoxur is an N-methylcarbamate insecticide and is used for both agricultural and public health purposes, and it is usually applied by spraying or as a dust.

The agricultural crop applications of propoxur include sugar cane, cocoa, grapes and other fruit, maize, rice, vegetables, cotton, lucerne, forestry, and ornamentals.

POISON ON PETS II: Toxic Chemicals in Flea and Tick Collars California has already determined that one of these pesticides, propoxur, causes cancer and that consumer warnings are required. This work examined the sequential development of some clinical, biochemical, haematological and pathological lesions in young Nubian goats given single oral doses of two carbamate insecticides, bendiocarb and propoxur, alone and in combination.

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Baytril official prescribing information for healthcare professionals. Includes: indications, dosage, adverse reactions, pharmacology and more. Toxicology of PropoxurPharmacology 1 – Group B3A List of Contibutors: Ali Mourad 16/4/Toxicology of PropoxurPharmacology 1 – Group B3A List of Contibutors: Ali Mourad 16/4/Abstract The purpose of this analysis is to investigate the effect of application of propoxur (a carbamate insecticide) on the American cockroach.

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