University of michigan ann arbor dissertations

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University of michigan ann arbor dissertations

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Her most recent book, Empire of Emptiness: Her current research focuses on Buddhist painting and photographic portraiture in early 20th-century China and Inner Asia. He is currently working on completing Think Buddha, Say Buddha: After working for three years as a researcher with the International Dunhuang Project at the British Library, he taught at Yale University before moving to Berkeley.

He works on Nyingma religious history, tantric ritual, early Tibetan paleography, and the Dunhuang manuscripts. He is the author of The Taming of the Demons: He is currently working on a study of tantric ritual in the Dunhuang manuscripts.

Robert Goldman Robert P. His areas of scholarly interest include Sanskrit literature and literary theory, Indian Epic Studies, and psychoanalytically oriented cultural studies. He has published widely in these areas, authoring several books and dozens of scholarly articles. He is perhaps best known for his work as the director, general editor, and a principal translator of a massive and fully annotated translation of the critical edition of the Valmiki Ramayana.

His work has been recognized by several awards and fellowships including election as a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Padmanabh Jaini Padmanabh S. He is the author of numerous monographs and articles on both Buddhism and Jainism.

His collected essays have appeared in two volumes, and, recently, he has been honored by a Festschrift with contributions on early Buddhism and Jainism. Lewis Lancaster Lewis R. He taught at the University of California, Berkeley, for 33 years, with five years as Chair. By means of a grant from the National Geographic Society, he and a group of students and faculty inventoried texts in monasteries among the Sherpa people in the Himalayas.

He then began to research the problems of converting Buddhist texts from Pali and Chinese into computer format, which resulted in major CD ROM databases.

That computer experience then led him to form an association of scholars called the Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative, which is housed on the Berkeley campus and has a thousand affiliates worldwide. He is now President at Hsilai University in Rosemead. Levine received his B.

He has written and lectured on the art and architecture of the Japanese Zen Buddhist monastery Daitokuji, the modern construct of "Zen Art," cultures of exhibition and viewing in premodern and modern Japan, calligraphy connoisseurship and forgery, and the modern collecting and study of "Buddhist art.

Reconsidering Zen Art in the West," Awakenings: The Visual Cultures of a Zen Monastery. His current research focuses on fragments of Buddhist images within devotional and modern contexts in Asia and the West. He is also at work on a book, A Long Strange Journey: He has taught graduate seminars on topics such as Daitokuji; Kan'ei-era visual culture; problems of portraiture in Japan; shohekiga; art forgery; iconoclasm; and fragments in art history.

He currently advises doctoral dissertations on topics including the Material and Visual Cultures of Sen no Rikyu; Visual Cultures of the Buddhist convent Hokyoji; and the Gutai collective.

She received her B. Her research interests relevant to Buddhist Studies include: Eastern psychologies, psychologies of religion, cross cultural psychology, cognition, concepts, and psychology of causality.

University of michigan ann arbor dissertations

She has written extensively concerning implications for modern psychology of practices and concepts from Buddhism and from the contemplative aspects of Western religions.

D and Habilitation at the University of Hamburg. He specializes in the doctrinal history of Indian Buddhism, and in Newar Buddhism, the only Indic Mahayana tradition that continues to persist in its original South Asian setting in the Kathmandu Valley right to the present.

His first book Stuttgart, sets forth the development and early history of the Buddhist doctrine of momentariness, a doctrine that is of pivotal importance not only for the understanding of doctrinal Buddhism, but also because much of the debate between Buddhists and their Brahmanical opponents came to center on this issue.

A new book manuscript deals with the periodic renovations of the Svayambhu Stupa of Kathmandu. Based on Newar manuscripts and several years of fieldwork in Nepal, he reconstructs the ritual history of these renovations and their social contexts.

His current research project is on life cycle rituals of old age among the Newars. On the basis of texts and fieldwork he examines how these rites evolved differently in a Buddhist and Hindu Shaiva context.

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Click here for Alex von Rospatt's home page.Graduate Scholarships. While less common than undergraduate scholarships, scholarships for graduate students are available.

Graduate students rely heavily on fellowships or assistantships - especially in high-need areas like nursing or teaching - but these aren’t available to everyone and don’t always cover a graduate student’s living expenses.

in Europe: Online Teaching and Research Guide This website provides a range of written and audio-visual resources as well as articles, bibliographies, chronologies and links related to the experience of the sixties in Europe.

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It accompanies in Europe - A History of Protest and Activism, , a book edited by Martin Klimke and Joachim Scharloth. See also: Joan Nordquist's page bibliography (as searchable pdf), which (in addition to Herbert's own publications) lists 67 books about Herbert's work, ca.

50 dissertations & theses, and articles. With title word and key word indexes. K.H. Sahmel's page bibliography with citations of secondary works.

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