Values in tension

Founder and CEO of Acumen Thinking About Values in Tension I see a growing number of corporations, non-profits, governments and start-up companies asking themselves the hard questions about how to balance their short-term business issues with long-term institutional values, even when this does not yield easy answers. He goes onto say that all enduring institutions -- and people -- must hold contradictory thoughts to function effectively. At Acumenwe recognize the same need in the world and in our daily work. Indeed, our very values reflect those contradictions.

Values in tension

Which issue frames the values in tension? How to overcome parental objections to appropriate care without filing a dependency action.

How best to assure that Rachel and her baby get appropriate medical care while respecting hospital policy and the wishes of the parents. How to assure nurses are trained to provide care for minors while deflecting any parental opposition.

Who are the primary stakeholders in this problem? Rachel Banks She is the pregnant patient who may need more medical care than her parents want. Emerson Rogers, Chief of Staff He is responsible for everything that goes on in the organization and often liable for ethical mistakes.

You, Supervising Nurse You have to make and implement the decision.

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Father Giles Mumford, hospital chaplain He may be called on to provide religious support. Duty to follow hospital policy. Duty not to interfere with competent staff in doing their jobs. Duty not to accommodate parents who are harming their child. Duty to make parents do the right thing for their daughter.

Duty to provide the best patient care possible. Which option best fulfills your duties? Option 2 Ask the nurse to do a thorough check to verify that the situation has not reached the point where intervention is necessary.

Option 3 Trust your nurse to provide sufficient care to prevent the fetus from going into medically dangerous distress.

Option 4 Call the physician on duty without seeking input from or informing the parents or the assigned nurse. Option 5 Ask the assigned nurse to call a physician and a chaplain. Make sure that the mother is assessed medically and that the parents are provided a ministerial response. Option 6 Involve the assigned nurse and the parents in assessing need for medical intervention to ensure a safe delivery.

Provide contacts for aftercare support and education. Related Stories November 20, The course project must include at least the following sections; you may want to include… November 20, Based on… November 20, Percentage of ischemic stroke patients administered given anti-thrombotic therapy by the end of hospital day… November 20, Research the costs, financial statements, cash flow, and risks of your chosen project.Many business practices are neither black nor white but exist in a gray zone, a moral free space through which managers must navigate.

Levi Strauss and Motorola have helped managers by treating company values as absolutes and insisting that suppliers and customers do the same. In the article, Values in Tension: Ethics Away From Home, Thomas Donaldson questioned and examined how business persons evaluate, consider and develop ethical standards while doing business abroad.

He, in the article, also suggested solutions on how to establish ethical leadership standards based on business intelligence, basic values, morals, ethics and good common sense%(1). Values in Tension: Ethics Away from Home. Harvard Business Review, 74(5), In the article, Values in Tension: Ethics Away From Home, Thomas Donaldson questioned how leaders evaluate, consider and develop ethical leadership abroad.

Values in Tension: Ethics Away from Home Thesis How a company should solve ethical issues while practicing business in another country 1. Cultural relativism: There are no international rights and wrong. "Do as the locals do" 2. Ethical imperialism: Act everywhere as you act at home.


Values in tension

Abolutism: There is a single list of truths. Donaldson, T. () “Values in Tension: Ethics away from Home”, Harvard Business Review, 74(5): Donaldson, T.

and Dunfee, T. W. () “When Ethics Travel: The Promise and Peril of Global Business Ethics”, California Management Review, 41(4), For each value tension, identify one or more design features that favors one of the values over the other.

Value tensions occur when sup-porting one value in a technology challenges another value (e.g., sharing more information in a social networking system may.

Values in tension
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