What makes boston a liveable city

Matters of liveability need to be addressed early within planning processes so as to reconcile the imperatives of sustainable development. These imperatives can obtain legitimacy if they are explored and integrated within the participatory planning process. Community involvement and support, combined with a willingness of municipal officials to accept and work with the grassroots means the question of liveability in the local community is better understood, and the concept is more integrated into policy, planning and political will. Ensuring that, in large residential developments, developers are required to incorporate sufficient service provisions for the people living there.

What makes boston a liveable city

Transportation[ edit ] Interstate 95 passes through the western side of town, with one exit at Route Route itself has its eastern terminus at U. Route 1 and 1A cross the river along the Newburyport Turnpike Bridge; it had originally followed State Street and ended at Merrimac and Water streets before crossing the river via ferry to Salisbury.

The Turnpike Bridge is the easternmost crossing of the Merrimack; upstream the river is crossed by the Newburyport Railroad Bridge just west of the Turnpike Bridgethe Chain Bridgeone of the oldest bridges along the river, and the Whittier Memorial Bridge, which brings Interstate 95 to Amesbury.

The Merrimack Valley Regional Transit Authority provides regular bus service between the city and Haverhill, which includes access to the commuter rail station in Newburyport.

It is open to the public and managed by Plum Island Aerodrome, Inc. Newburyport is served by several public schools, belonging to the Newburyport School District, and several private schools.

Nock Middle School — grades 6 to 8 Newburyport High School — grades 9 to 12 River Valley Charter School — grades kindergarten to 8 Immaculate Conception Catholic School — grades pre-kindergarten to 8 Newburyport Montessori School — pre-kindergarten and kindergarten Activities[ edit ] Newburyport makes activities available for its residents, including a year-round ice skating rink and a beautiful waterfront and boardwalk.

Many Newburyport residents love boating, fishing, swimming, and other water sports. The city's picturesque downtown shopping district also makes it a great location to enjoy boutique shopping.

The city sponsors several youth sports leagues, including baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, and hockey. The city's youth services program also provides classes, campouts, and activities in robotics, music, rock climbing, chess, fencing, sewing, dance, skateboarding, judo, academics, cooking, yoga, cheerleading, art, fashion design, photography, biking, and frisbee.

The event was initiated in by native Newburyporter George Cashman, who sought to stimulate the economy and lift the spirit of the citizens. It lasts one week. The first Sunday of the festival, known as "Olde Fashioned Sunday", is celebrated at the Bartlet Mall in Newburyport, and features many activities, including an art show, an appearance by the city's oldest fire enginethe "Neptune 8", and the participation of many local businesses.

There is also an antique car parade.

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Each Yankee Homecoming features a grand marshal and numerous street vendors. The festival includes eight days and over events. There are concerts every night at Market Landing Park. There is also a minute fireworks show on Saturday night, which is followed the concluding Sunday by the famous Yankee Homecoming parade.

First held inNewburyport's "Yankee Homecoming" is the second-oldest homecoming festival in the United States. Many charities raise their funds during this time.

Waterfront boardwalk on a winter night Waterfront Concert Series[ edit ] Held Friday evenings in Waterfront Park in downtown Newburyport, these free concerts are intended for all ages. Newburyport Literary Festival[ edit ] Held during the last weekend of April, the Newburyport Literary Festival was started in as a new effort by the city to increase interest in reading and literary arts.

Many local authors are invited to sign and chat about their book, and schoolchildren create projects to show to an author who visits their school. Points of interest[ edit ] Atkinson Common in Over the years, the town has cultivated a significant tourist population.

The quaint downtown shopping center includes businesses that appeal to all ages. Local businesses and restaurants surround Market Square and along State Street.

During festivals throughout the year, visitors are invited to enjoy concerts, food, and entertainment. An old mill building on Liberty Street is home to other small businesses and a local farmers' market during both the summer and winter seasons.

The historic area has a charming feel and upbeat atmosphere. Laid out inthe Bartlett Mall was redesigned in the s by noted Boston landscape architect Charles Eliotwith later improvements by Arthur Shurcliff.

First Presbyterian Church dates from The clock tower bell was cast by Paul Revere. One of the most famous individuals in 18th-century America, evangelist George Whitefieldbefore dying in Newburyport inasked that his remains be buried under the pulpit of the "Old South" church, and they are there to this day.

The recently restored City Hall itself is a fine old building featuring in the first floor corridor a portrait gallery of some of those who have fallen in service of their country. Others are listed on the central monument in Atkinson Common.Exclusive online bonus offers from New York with Cathay Pacific.

What makes boston a liveable city

Boston came in behind Honolulu and Washington, D.C. in a ranking of the most livable cities in the US. The research and analysis division of the Economist Group, sister company of the Economist. Julia Child was much more than just a bestselling cookbook author and chef.

Over the course of her life, she was also a breast cancer survivor, a TV trailblazer, and a government spy. Boston is taking bold action on climate to become a carbon neutral, climate ready city as outlined in its updated Climate Action Plan.

The Climate Action Plan update serves as Boston’s roadmap for reaching its goals of reducing carbon emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change.

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It began life years ago as Bytown, founded to house labourers who had been recruited to build the Rideau Canal. For its first few decades, it was a crude, notoriously lawless frontier settlement. Exclusive online bonus offers from New York with Cathay Pacific. Sep 24,  · The people here are friendly -- as inhabitants of paradise tend to be -- so long as you stay away from the snobby jet setters whose red Ferraris, flashy shades, and high noses give them away.

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